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Here is the rush of the air-race, the glinting of the sands of flight: the sky-ship crosses the earth, a man on a barrow of wings, the plume of a beaded knight, a stork, gone wild, or a long-tailed roc with a man for a passenger, a dancer at the window of the soul: together with these, a simple model glides and the line at the line-head. XV. Rites of Passage That man whose forefathers are all speared – for many were put to death by the ocean's surf and it was easier to drown on shore – it is they who call themselves African. He whose forebears are cut up by wars, with spears and hoes – he is Zulu. He who would cut out the fibres of the land, fire and the fibres of the trees, this is the landless man. It is the shortest way to the place of Being. The breath of life is the brightening of light. The seeds of the first twist of light are the songs of spring. The rivers are among us, but we do not know their source – the springs of knowledge. XVI. Daybreak The dawn is a thousand- voiced call. At the stroke of light: it is day. XVII. The Way of Life There is no way of life. Life comes. The way of life is the way of our grandfathers, the way of our mothers, the way of the forest, the rain, the dervishes, the mountains, the fishermen, the lakes, the beauty of these things:



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Rise Of Flight Download Crack physeyl

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